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Hey everyone,

I am building a computer controlled hydroponic system for my senior project. I have never used Arduino and this project is due at the end of the semester, roughly 3 months from now. I have some questions on feasibility.

I'm pretty much building a gigantic Aerogarden that will be used for tomatoes. I have all the components for the hydroponics part, but I will be using a microprocessor to control all of the automated functions. I'm looking to do these things, so just let me know if it's not possible/very difficult.

1. Timer for lights/pumps. (I'm sure this is pretty easy)
2. Temperature sensor that reads the temperature of the water
3. Sensor that tells me when the water level reaches too low. I'm guessing some sort of float valve that activates a LED when it falls below a certain height.
4. Some sort of display that tells me what these sensors are reading. I do not want this thing to be connected to a computer, I want the data to be displayed on some type of LCD display or something.
5. Buttons or switches that can changes the timer setting for the lights/pumps.

I'm pretty good with my hands and figuring out stuff, but this microprocessor stuff seems really difficult to me.


Actually I am using a sanguino for the same purpose... I use 500 gph bilge pumps to control the ebb and flow tables , and an inexglobal.com Relay16 board attached by i2c to control pumping and control the lights via Solid State Relays mounted onto heat sinks.. also
http://www.nano-reef.com/forums/index.php?act=attach&type=post&id=91001 is an artificial reef controller arduino bootloader compatible design that incorporates isabella's PPM and PH measurement circuits with a 644P processor. Turns out artificial reef control and control of Hydroponics nutrients are almost the same measurement problem.. also try search keys of growduino on google..

     good luck with your project
ps dont forget the k88 CO2 sensor i2c interface thread in these forums..
think DS1820/18B20 temp sensors in a network(one wire)


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