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I find it surprising* to have it closed by an upload but I really don't think it would be surprising to restore the previous (pre-upload) state.

(* yeah, of course I know that it's actually not surprising from a technical point of view but I hope you get the point.)


I agree completely with Reply #9.
When you do an upload to the board, it closes the serial monitor, and in order to catch the first few bytes that may be sent on startup of the Arduino on the Serial Monitor, I have to reset the board while the serial monitor is open. Its quite annoying.

Whether the serial monitor stays open during the upload process, or reopens after it but before the arduino kicks into life, I dont mind - but I would really like to see the first few bytes sent from the serial port captured after an upload without having to manually reset the board again.

doug metzler

Ok, here's the perfect solution (for me).

when the user loads or creates and compiles/uploads a new file, do not pop up the serial monitor after the completion of upload.

However if the user invokes the serial monitor, for that file, for that session, pop the monitor up after all compile/upload events.




Trying to add this to: http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,118440.0.html I ended allowing the user to "queue" the serial monitor opening if it clicks it while the upload is in progress. Forcing this always on is also a function thru "preferences.txt" but "click to schedule the opening of the monitor" for me is not annoying at all.
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