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I'm trying to understand how AnalogButtons works

How would I code the analog buttons do to this
Btn1 to toggle intUserSelection between 2,4,6,8 or 10 (rolling back to 2 from 10)
Btn2 runs the function 'SolenoidOn' (which sets pin4 high for a time determined by intUserSelection)

But then while in the SolenoidOn function, I want to have the option 'Press any key to cancel'

So I've really got two different operations for a button--the normal operation that it does, but then if SolenoidOn function is running, the buttons take on a new purpose, to abort the SolenoidOn operation


Do you have code to share ? (please use # button) as these questions make not much sense without for me.
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I'm trying to figure out how the code works to use AnalogButtons.  So I don't have any code yet.


Analogue buttons are one of those things that nobody in the history of human understanding has ever understood. It has long been thought to be either a marketing phrase, or something lost in translation long ago that should have meant something entirely different.


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