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Hey...I assume the construction haven't started yet, which made me think, maybe do a stop motion photography project filming the construction of the balcony. I love those videos. I had a great idea motion concept for the stadium they built for the 2010 FIFA Cup here in Port Elizabeth, only problem was I thought about it 6 months before they completed the stadium.

Thought it will be cool if you start pointing the camera pointing in the direction of the northern goal post, then slowly (unbelievably slowly) rotate 360 degrees. The rotation will then capture the moment the project start and end with the completed stadium, in essence you will see the whole construction complete in one 360 degree rotation.

Now when they put up another stadium I will be sure to get involved and do that.

So this brings me to your dilema. See if you can get a nice pan pattern, maybe start at the bottom panning up, or have the camera move on a dolly type filming the construction directly from above and ending with w view of the completed balcony from say the side of the building.

OR OR OR, start at the top and move the camera slowly to the ground floor, pan and tilt and the move of the camera down the rails all controlled by the arduino. So you start watching the construction start directly from above (top floor) and end at the ground floor when its complete.

See, always remember, when life throws you a lemon, eat pizza!
"The really amazing thing is how many people are successful with their Arduino projects considering the fact that so many of them do not have a technical background.  A lot of them seem to try, and succeed with, projects that no sane engineer would even attempt." - floresta commenting on the proper use of LCD displays


Here guys, been finishing the circuit, luckily it's a sunny day today.

Still the first and very simple searching algorithm, searching x-axis, rotating back to the brightest spot, then the same for the y-axis.
Noises aren't from the solarseeker, it's almost completely silent

On youtube is a higher res.

CU guys.


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That's pretty impressive!
Don't give it up, there's tonnes of stuff you can do with skills like that :)

M. Schmitt

Kudos for having your first and nearly-last Arduino project built from scratch on perfboard. ;-)

Why is poordude poor if he can build stuff like this?  $)

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