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I developed a miniature and adjustable switch mode DC-DC converter module. It can provide up to 1A current and the voltage is adjustable between 0.9V - 6V.

After a successful kickstarter campaign I am selling it at Tindie


The power supply module is breadboard friendly and is pin compatible with 78xx series ICs.

My product website

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Interesting! How much switching noise on the output at 1 amp?

Are you selling direct or do you have a North American distributor?



Hi Paul,

Thank you very much for your interest.

Peak to peak switching noise at 1A output is in 30-45mV range depending on the output voltage. RMS switching noise is in 15-25mV range. Measurements were done using a 100MHz oscilloscope.

I don't have a North American distributor. Right now I just sell on Tindie or personally if somebody contacts me directly.

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