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I've been looking around for places to purchase sensors from.  Has anyone ever used icstation.com?  They have good prices, and ship from hong kong like many other sources.  The weird thing is their order checkout process asks for your birthday, claiming that they will send you a coupon on your birthday.  It sounds fishy.

Just wondering if this is a legit site with an eccentric and odd checkout, or if no one's ever heard of them and they're as fishy as they seem?

Do the rest of you use ebay for the majority of your components?


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I have not used ICstation.com, but I have had sites that sent me a coupon on my birthday.  Mostly though since I have different mailboxes for each e-vendor I deal with, I tend to miss such customer loyality perks, since I only tend to read the mailbox, when I'm dealing with the site.

Some time in the past when the issue of where to buy stuff came up, I put together this list, though I probably should tweak it for updates: http://www.the-meissners.org/electronics.html

Since I have two real live brick and mortar electronics stores near by, I tend to see if they have what I'm looking for first (one is near my work, but his selection is more limited than the other one that is an hour drive away).  If its a single part, and I need it immediately, I will go to the local Radio Shack after looking at the local guy.

If neither of them have it, I will then search dealers that are US based (see the list for a list of the ones I've used) so that I get stuff in a week rather than a month.  If it is stuff I don't need immediately and/or I can't find it at a US (possibly Canadian) seller at a price I want to pay, I will go to the far east sellers on ebay.

I should mention that since I put that list together, that yourdunio.com is now selling some of their components from the US, and I should move it to the US sellers category.

Since this is so-called Cyber Monday in the USA, I did buy about $50 of stuff split between Sparcfun.com and Pololu.com today, saving about $10.

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