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hardware :

Arduino uno with temperature and accelerometer sensor attached.

i want to measure the power consumption of my hardware to know how long a battery will last on my device.

if its possible how ?!



Power it from an external power supply and put a current meter in line with the positave lead.


The Uno takes about 40mA with no sensors attached - you can calculate the total current from the datasheets of your sensors if not able to measure the supply current.  Divide the battery mAh capacity by the mA consumption for a _rough_ guide to battery life.  Battery capacities depend on temperature, charging history, discharge rate...
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Also, in Windows, USB hub device properties can tell you how much power are assigning to the usb port (from Device manager). But the value is very aproximated (but you can get a quick idea of the maximum consumption, I think is 40 mA or 80 mA for my uno with a couple of leds attached)
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My Uno uses 33mA, Diecimila uses 16mA, running same sketch. Nothing attached.


My Uno uses 33mA, Diecimila uses 16mA, running same sketch. Nothing attached.

That's interesting. The main difference must be the new 8u2 Vs FTDI serial converter chips? Or maybe the new on-board 3.3vdc regulator? Maybe both those reasons?

The new Uno continues to amaze me...NOT  

Well at least it uploads sketches faster.  :D



Well at least it uploads sketches faster.  :D

right atleast this is provided, However to an Experienced user the 8u2 will come handy to turn Arduino into anything like mouse , but the sad thing is that all the 8u2 pin's can't be used. :smiley-fat:
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