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I want to build music stairs. I need advice on what sensors to pick, and how I should use them.

I have Arduino Duemilanove. I would like the sensors to generate digital input depending if someone's foot is on a stair or not. The stairs are about 8 feet wide and they are outdoors.

Here is a high level schematic of the system.

Any suggestions?



Almost any IR diod plus IR sensor you can find in your TV / remote will works fine.


I have two concerns about using regular IR diods and IR receivers:
1) Its outdoors, so it will have a lot of background IR noise
2) How do I make them directional?


Sparkfun did one of these things in the past with their mux shield. Search their website.


I looked at their project http://www.projectallusion.com/1/post/2010/7/musical-handrail-using-the-mux-shield.html, however they used a hand rail and photocells. I want to use stairs, so I don't think photocells would work.

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