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I have thought about minimizing the Arduino board because what I found in many cases was that I didn't need the FTDI USB interface once the sketch was loaded, and I thought the Arduino board is kind of 'big' for its contents.

So here is a summary of my concept of mini Arduino compatible board.  Its name will be 'JeonLab mini.'

    * 28-pin DIP ATmega328P with Arduino bootloader
    * Digital pins from 2 to 13 are arranged on one side
    * Analog pins from 0 to 5 are arranged on the other side along with the FTDI-USB connector for an external FTDI breakout board
    * There is no reset switch, but header pins for RESET and GND are provided
    * A power LED and #13 LED
    * A 0.1uF capacitor for the auto-reset when uploading a sketch
    * Headers for power inlet (+5V and GND)
    * Small enough to fit in a small plastic box

Any comment will be appreciated.



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What you want to do with your design other than to fit it into a box? I don't think you'd want to experiment with a board inside a box unless you cut a hole for headers and wires to come out, and if this board is meant for experimentation, it's missing a lot of features, I think a built in v-reg is an important one (what's the point of a pretty box if there's another power supply dangling outside of it), and why would you ever leave out a reset switch?

My philosophy for designing a prototyping platform is to add features that don't take away from usability, and do not care about the cost (to a point). So add a reset switch, ISP headers, add both 5V and 3.3V power supplies, and put a ferrite bead + capacitor on the AVCC.

Also DO NOT use a 330R resistor on the pin 13 LED, you'll screw up your SCK signal if you ever decide to use SPI, try 1 kohm instead.
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I don't see any caps for the crystal, or is that an oscilator?

A couple of mounting holes never go astray.

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Why not just get a Promini?
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