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Hey all,
  I was wondering if anybody could help me out in finding the manufacturer and part number/name of the wire to board connectors that are on the arduino ethernet shield.  I'm developing a project and fabricating a pcb with some of the external circuitry, and I would like to stack the pcb that I am making between the arduino mega and ethernet shiled pcbs.  In short, i'm looking to  use to identical wire to board headers from the ethernet shield (with the long tails) on my pcb so I can mesh it in between the two other boards.  I downloaded the schematics and Eagle pcb files, and was looking for the info there, but I didn't come across the particular part type for those headers...  If anybody could point me to where to get them, I would really appreciate it!



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Awesome, thanks guys!  Didn't know they were on the sparkfun page; guess I didn't have the right search queries...

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