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Hello Renato,

The sketch compiles well. I use Arduino version 1.5.6 Beta. Modfont.c is not needed for pure English (forget it)
You must have the 2 Adafruit libraries ( Adafruit_GFX.h and Adafruit_HX8340B.h) installed in the Arduino libraries folder.

I have added my last (better) version of this sketch (with comments in French, please refer to the initial English version) It compiles with no problem. I now use a BMP180 (whith the use of a library to reduce significatively the code) Simply compile this code and it will work well....

Do not forget that the LCD used in this project is now obsolete and may be difficult to find. The new 2"2 LCD sold by Adafruit is NOT pin compatible with the older one and uses a different controller. Please, modify wiring and d├ęclarations in the sketch accordingly.




Hello Pilippeulm,

I added the libraries and is now compiling without problems, thanks for your help.

I'm waiting for the LCD that I bought in China and when the altimeter is working I will send you the photos.
Thank you!



hi pilippeulm,
i'm a ultralight pilot from south of Italy, i am very interested in your project but i don't have knowledge about programming, i can contact you by email for further information?
Many thanks

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