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I have purchased the following MR rotary displacement sensor, and I was hoping someone could help me interpret the data sheet:


I am using the HMC1512 which has the larger angular range. Does the diagram below indicate that the sensor contains the circuit or that I should wire up the chip legs into the circuit shown? If the latter, where do I input power and output a signal?

Thanks alot.


Connect VBRIDGEA to +5V and GNDA to Ground.  OUT-A and OUT+A will then give you a voltage of about 60 millivolts times the sine of twice the angle.  Similarly for bridge B you will get the cosine of twice the angle.  With those voltages, and some signal conditioning, and some math, you should be able to determine angles in a range of +90 to -90 (half a rotation).

If you want to sense an angle you might be better off using a magnetic rotary encoder like the AS5040 which will give you a digital output:

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Dear all,

                I am using the same IC..I want to sense the angle 150 degree and 300 degree.How it can be achievable using this IC?

Thanks in Advance

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