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Hello, I am working on a binary communication between arduino.
and I have faced some problem, I can't retrieve the correct data by using left shift function.

The following code is what I do for sending and receiving binary data, to make troubleshoot easy, i made it in one program.

First, I break the data to 4 byte from first arduino
Second, I will collect back the data using second arduino and combine the 4bytes back into one value.

I am totally have no idea why is it not giving me back my value, please let me know if you can solve it, thanks!

Code: [Select]
long val = 12980992;
byte buffer[4];
long retrieve;

void setup(){

void loop(){
  /*to send out from first arduino*/
  buffer[0] = val&0xff;
  buffer[1] = (val >> 8)&0xff;
  buffer[2] = (val >> 16)&0xff;
  buffer[3] = (val >> 24)&0xff;

  long num;
  int start = 0;

/*to retrieve by second arduino*/     
  num = buffer[start];
  num = (buffer[start + 1] <<8) | num;
  num = (buffer[start + 2] <<16) | num;
  num = (buffer[start + 3] <<24) | num;



Apr 12, 2013, 07:37 pm Last Edit: Apr 12, 2013, 07:45 pm by Hillridge Reason: 1
I'm not positive, but I think it's because you're shifting 8bit values (which are likely handled by 16bit registers) more than 16 bits left.  So after buffer[1] you are just ORing in 0x0000;

Try This:
Code: [Select]
num = buffer[start+3];
 num = (num<<8)|buffer[start + 2];
 num = (num<<8)|buffer[start + 1];
 num = (num<<8)|buffer[start];


To be more clear, here is what's happening line by line:
your initial value is 0x00C61300, so your buffers are:
Code: [Select]

buffer[0]: 0x00
buffer[1]: 0x13
buffer[2]: 0xC6
buffer[3]: 0x00

Here's what happens:
Code: [Select]

num = buffer[start];
//num = 0x00000000
num = (buffer[start + 1] <<8) | num;
//num = (0x13<<8) | 0x00000000
//num = 0x1300 | 0x00000000
//num = 0x00001300
num = (buffer[start + 2] <<16) | num;
//num = (0xC6<<16) | 0x00001300
//num = 0x0000 | 0x00001300  <-this is because the 0xC6 was shifted off the top of the 16bit working register
                                          // You expected 0xC60000 but you get 0x0000
//num = 0x00001300


thanks hillridge, it works perfectly!


Very well explained ! +1
Rob Tillaart

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