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I'm trying to do programs in assembly for a class, and I think I have my program done but I can't upload it to the board. I have it as the ATmega 2560 (which is the chip on the board) but I am not sure if AVR studio detects Arduinos differently. I saw options for 'ATxmega256D' for example. So is it supposed to detect the board correctly when using the 'Atmega 2560' option or is the Arduino board something else?


AFAIK Studio know nothing about Arduino, you'll have to use a proper programmer and ISP program not use the boot loader.

Is is possible to write assembler in the Arduino environment, but it's a pain. See this thread for a bit of an idea


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... but I can't upload it to the board.
How are you trying to upload it?

It is easy to do if you have a programmer such as the AVRISPMKII.  It is also possible to do it using AVRDUDE and the Arduino bootloader.



I did it finally. But I had to resort to avrdude. It IS a pain!


Hi Tinto pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase can you tell me the procedures of how to run arduino code using avr studio I have avr studio 4 and I have to run my code in any ave compiler and Im having really hard time figureing out that


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