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Hi to everybody,

I have a problem that will me go crazy.

I am making probes with the MKRFOX 1200 (Arduino). All the probes are correct in the first day.

I send messages without problem. But the second day, the messages are not entering in the messages section. In the events section I can see that:

2018-01-24 18:38:57Out of message sequenceWARN1D19A0Invalid message sequence from Device #XXXXXX: expected 126, actual 122

My code it the same that the first day.

I need to put the "Disangage sequence number" buttom everytime that I turn off/on or change the code.
Does someone have the same problem?

Thanks in advance,


I had the same problem with one arduino, the rest 3 are working perfect

I'm getting crazy



Hello, I have the same issue but at sequence 4095:

1CF5B5    Invalid message sequence from Device #1CF5B5: expected 1, actual 4095

Did you manage to resolve the issue ?


Sorry to hear. It looks to me as some generic HW related issue. Hopefully someone will be able to provide us with support. Otherwise I will have to RMA.


It's seems a conectivity problem.

Check the antenna wires... it's breaks easily, and have to be resolded.

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