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Hi all, I have decided to delve into the realms of Arduino programming in order to expand my horizons.  My coding experience is rudimentary at best and I would like some feedback on my first attempt at writing an Arduino sketch.  The idea is to receive a SMS from a third party and turn on or off a specific light depending on the contents of the SMS.  This sketch uses an UNO, with a Tinysine GSM Shield and an Arduino 4 Relay Shield.  Whilst this sketch functions as intended I would really like to know if I could have perhaps done it a different way.  As I said, please let me know what you think. Code is below;

PS: I am too old and grumpy to deal with trolls so if you fall into that category please move along.

PPS: I tried to paste the code into the post but got told I exceeded the 9000 character limit so I have attached the file instead.


If it's not broken, why trying to fix it?

Just had a quick look at it and nothing spectacularly weird about it. And for sure there are many other ways to accomplish the same.
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