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So you need to use the arduino as a USB host and you need to work out how to code for a USB COM port using whatever USB host device you use.

There is a USB host shield but you'd be on your own writing the USB driver for this specific phone.


Well I found that its not needed to connect it as USB at all. http://www.expansys-usa.com/ft.aspx?k=53804
Communication (USB/RS232)
Along with the standard USB communication between a phone and a host, another UART based protocol will also be supported. This protocol will allow a phone to communicate with a CEA-936 compliant device without the expense of requiring it to be a USB Host.

Example pin:
Pin 3
Used for device identification.
Acts as D- for USB mode,
SPKR_OUT in audio mode
SPKR_L in stereo mode



Could you please tell me if I can use your posts for my case.

I am not an expert, I am a newbie myself, so I don't know much about other phones. Besides SE phones I connected Arduino to Siemens C55 successfully.

I suggest to buy cheap SE phone on eBay or somewhere else. You will spend just few $ (if none of your friends have it for free for you) - and immediately you will be able to start playing with it. If you prefer to spend time searching in the net for pinouts, documentations, then manufacturing connectors, finding out things for your phone - I think sometimes this can be the hard way. Especially when you find on mobile phones forums that some phone should have Rx and Tx- but it may turn out like in my case, that they just use such labels to distinguish between input and output wire (while input/output in reality may not support RS232).

You better get any SE phone from the list above and after two lines of code you can make a call, or send an SMS.


You are right. I will buy some cheap SE. Their price here is max 10$. I just accepted my Motorola as chalenge :)

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