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So I just switched to linux, and I'm quite proud of myself  ;D

Too bad it was half against my will, the installation procedure accidentally deleted my vista install, along with all my old files and games, and bookmarks...  :'(


Welcome to Linux, which distro did you install?

Also how did you manage to delete Vista and all of that?


Ubuntu 9. After a few tries though, I had issues with my video driver, luckily found the fix after hours of searching... got some practice with terminal though, seeing as I could only use recovery mode for the past 24 hours.

... and I deleted vista by hitting the format partition button by accident during the ubuntu install, and didn't realize it until I hit the confirmation OK button...  :'(


Oh that sucks about the format thing. I've found the Ubuntu partitioner to be easy to work with, probably the easiest (well all the linux ones are similar) but much easier than windows.

I'm glad you got the video working. If you have any linux questions ask and I may be able to help you or someone else in the forums. I've been using it a few years now.


What distro are you on seth?


I'm currently on Mint which is based on Ubuntu and is very close to it. Although I started on Ubuntu and have used it for most of the time.


That's cool. One question, sort of specific... I can't get the weather applet to work, the one that goes onto the "panels"... it says im at the "DEFAULT LOCATION" and that no weather can be found at this location. Any way to change that to my real location?

Ran Talbott

Looks like the help you need is here.

But that's just a guess,  because I'm a long-time KDE user,  so I don't know much about the Gnome applets.

The Ubuntu Forums are great places to find all kinds of useful info.  Almost everything that puzzles you has been encountered by someone who wrote about it there.  If not,  you still have a 99%+ chance that someone who understands the innards will see your question when you become the one to write about it.



thanks, I've been looking for that thing all over...

and thanks for the tip about the forum, just went there and downloaded some free beginners guide that is widely endorsed, hopefully it can answer some questions (like where the f*** is the Program Files folder)

just kiddin'  ;)


There is no actual "program files" folder as thats a windows thing. Apps get installed in /opt/ i think? But as far as installing and uninstalling, over 20,000 programs are in the Synaptic Program Manager. And many of the apps are in the "add/remove programs."


Yea, I figured out that much after rifling through the directories for a few hours once I installed linux. the Program Files thing was a joke by the way  ;)


ok haha. I was just making sure, there are quite a few ignorant people out there.

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