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Thanks a lot guys for your fast responses ;) I'm going to buy the Arduino tomorrow.
I've done some researching and I have some more questions:
1. I still don't understand if I can make apps with graphical interface with processing, like having buttons and such, is it possible?
2. I read about this protocol called firmata, do I need it to control the Arduino in real-time?


Can't find it right off hand but I can tell you I have done exactly what you are looking to do, and it's not hard at all.


Would you like to share with a source code or smth? I just want to see an example :)


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Oh sure! But see... That's the problem. I am at work away from my computer, but it was an example I got online somewhere. I think it was about a year ago.

Here you go:

Here's more

This code shows how you can type text into a line and it will send it to the arduino, and then the arduino will send it back and it will paste what you sent it into a line below. Same concept, just that instead of a button, it's text.
I am not putting the code here since it's a personal deal from another site.

On another note.. Anyone else seen this?!
"Poorman's oscilloscope with arduino and processing"


I have a C# application that communicates with the Arduino. If you are interested, PM me with an e-mail address.

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