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I've just picked up an ID12 RFID chip to do my first Arduino project with. I failed to realise that the 2mm pin spacing on the chip would mean I couldn't connect it to my breadboard...I do however now realise that there is a breakout board available for it (http://www.coolcomponents.co.uk/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=88&products_id=108) - this describes it as providing 'two 0.1" spaced headers', which leads me to think that although spaced a bit better, there won't actually be pins I can just drop into my breadboard. Then again, pictures I've seen online lead me to think that it *can* just drop in:


Is it simply a case of plugging the breakout board in, and then dropping it into my breadboard? Otherwise am I going to have to solder some connectors on?

I apologise in advance for my total lack of hardware knowledge. :)


The board doesn't come with pins. You will need to solder some headers into the breakout board before you can plug it into a breadboard.

Something like:


Awesome, thank you! Managed to solder one up in the end (never attempted soldering before)...only slight mess/one broken breakout board ;)


More info on this available at...



More info on this available at...


Thank god for this post I totally messed the breakboard. I manage to  desolder mi id12la, and the pins wont fit in a breadboard. Big thanks!!

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