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My project has a microSD card, which I have no problems connecting to my Arduino. The problem is that this card needs to be removable so I don't want to solder directly to the contact pads on the card. Right now I am just using stiff wires and holding the card to the wires while testing. Does anyone know of any better ways to make contact without permanently soldering to the contact pads? Thanks!

- Julie


1) Buy a socket.  This probably requires a "breakout" PCB as well, since SD/microSD sockets tend not to be physically "robust" unless soldered to a solid board (the board essentially is part of the socket.)

2) Use a microSD to SD adaptor as a socket: solder to the pads of the SD adaptor and insert/remote the microSD as needed.  Often you wind up with extra adapters anyway, or you can buy them cheap from eBay/DealExtreme/etc.  MiniSD/MicroSD adapters are less common but could also be used.


I know you said MICRO SD card... but if an SD card would do, I'd suggest the $16 + P&P shield from Nuelectronics.

Details on using it with SD cards...


It can be used with things like the RBBB... don't be put off by the "shield" bit.

The Nuelectronics site has documentation which would help you interface other sockets, too.


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I would suggest the Adafruit MicroSD Breakout Board  See Footnote.

This little board has real logic level translators instead of the all-too-numerous hokey designs that (for some strange and, in my opinion, inexcusable reason) use diodes and pull-up resistors or that use resistive voltage divider circuitry for level shifting.

I have tested this board, using the SdFat library, for Fat16- and Fat32-formatted SD and SDHC cards with sizes ranging from 8 Megabytes to 8 Gibabytes.  Never a problem of any kind.



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