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Is it possible to use outputs from Arduino to control a video? I am hoping to have a video pause for approximately one minute if values from an accelerometer reach a certain value.

Thank you for your help!


How do you play the video?
Do you use a computer (Windows, Mac, Linux) to play it?
Do you use a common video player like VLC?

If so, one way to get where you want to could be like this:
Get an Arduino Leonardo or Arduino Micro.
They can "act" as a pc keyboard. So you can send keystrokes via the Arduino if a certain condition is met (like certain data comming from the accelerometer or when one minute has passed).
VLC videoplayer (and ohters) can be controlled via keystrokes.
It is best to use a player that uses different hotkeys for "play" and "pause".
Many video players just use spacebar for both (play AND pause), but this can become confusing.
I would recommend VLC player because you can change the hotkeys like your needs.
But I am sure there are other players that have similar features.

Details about sending keystrokes with Leonardo/Micro: https://www.arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/KeyboardMessage

I have used similar methods with several media installations.

If you video is played with some other "machine" like a DVD player, you need other methodes. :)
Always decouple electronic circuitry.

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