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I think there are both regulators on the board.

No, but there are two regulators on modern boards.  "U2" provides 3.3V.   Try these annotated diagrams: http://www.flickr.com/photos/58843278@N00/5602080472/in/set-72157622049680333#/

got the symbol mixed with the name of the part

Possible.  As far as EAGLE is concerned, they're just names.  Making sure that exactly the right name gets associated with exactly the right package/etc is frequently a neglected topic.  And probably deservedly so, since I'd rather the part name not change just because I change packages.  (In more recent versions of EAGLE, there are "attributes" for a part where you can put things like orderable part numbers.)

missing from all our schematics is the really cool poly fuse

That would be "F1", on the right side of the schematic between the USB connector and USBVCC signal.

I haven't noticed any out-of-date issues with the current set of schematics/etc.  Not since NGDM...
(ok, excepting ethernet, apparently.)

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