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Reset pin should be taken low.

If you can connect to a computer then you can use X-CTU to configure the transmit power - there is an AT command for it but I can't say I know what it is.

From the data sheet, it looks like the reset pin is Asserted Low, so it didn't work for me when the RST pin was pulled low.
However, resetting the Xbee while it was "locked up" did make it work again.

I tried updating the firmware too (in X-CTU), which didn't make any noticeable changes. FWIW, the version on both modems in 10E6.

Maybe my application is just sending too much data at one time... Would it be beneficial to send the control data at a fixed refresh rate instead? (Rather than whenever it changes, which is prone to jitter and dropped packets)


I have experienced the same issue now. Looking into it.

My XBee is also sending random characters down the serial port on startup.

I appear to be getting loads and loads of dropped packets...

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