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I'm currently using two UNO for my project and I'm just completely stuck with how to make a similar mechanical movement like in this link, http://www.engadget.com/2008/04/28/festo-airjelly-flies-through-the-air-with-the-greatest-of-ease/. I can make do with a much simpler articulation as long as it's recognizably a jellyfish. My project is to make a jellyfish-like machine mounted on top of a standing lamp so as a viewer walks nearby, light's pulses and the billowing motion would moves a little faster.

I have the idea of using counterweight down the shaft so I can use a servo without any need for any stronger motor. there would be string from along the 6 or 8 'wings' looped around a wheel on top of the lamp and leading down to the counterweight. I am just stuck trying to figure this out.

I know that my question may not exactly be clear and I'm not too sure how to explains it better so please ask me anything for clarification if you want to. I am meeting my project partner soon to discuss this so I'll post up on any progress I may make.



hmm i'm not really sure if i get what you're trying to do. but in case i guessed it right, how bout you google for muscle wire?


As amanmazleifg said muscle wire (Nitinol) seems suitable, though festo does not use it. I looked at that jellyfish and other stuff that festo made in the past, they are amazing.
Ummm, maybe you can use some kind of elastic film shaped like a jellyfish and change its shape with a fan blowing/not blowing or adapting the speed. That can create a smooth jellyfish movement.
There is a little introductory text I had written about Nitinol, maybe it can help http://www.ndsgn.com/ShapeMemoryAlloyTips.pdf

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