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Hi Arduino fans,

I'm a career software developer and have designed all sorts of arduino-compatible devices. I have my own custom platform based on the AVR Mega, and a beautiful casing system that fits a variety of needs.

Since July 2016 I am sick with lyme disease and am in need of work that I can do from home. Your orders go directly to cover my medical and daily living needs.

I offer you:
• Custom schematics, development of custom pc boards and assembly where needed
• Custom electronics and casing design
• Custom arduino-compatible software in C/C++ using best practices and with over 30 years experience writing code
• Ethical and trustworthy service
• Great attention to detail
• English is my native language and I am based in North America

My rates are affordable and I prefer to offer a flat rate for a first, second, and third prototype. I aim to ship a product that you can create an empire from, get in touch for more details!

a][+ ascii express, 110/300 novation cat, xmodem



I am putting together a small project, but I will not be ready until sometime in July, 2018. Will you send me your contact details so that I can get back in touch with you in July?


Mike C.


Yes I'll send you a pm, thanks.
a][+ ascii express, 110/300 novation cat, xmodem

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