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Author Topic: 30 IR Sensors and 30 led-light discs  (Read 780 times)
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Hi All,
I need to use 30 IR sensors (PIR) for an interactive installation. This sensors are triggering a punctual light over some objects that people could touch.
I also need to create a led system, like a disc, imagine something similar to a Tron light disc and the color of the lights are also changing. What should I search for this? I know exist some lines of rgb-leds, but how can I control de electricity and also the color of the leds? What is the better way to do this?
I hope it is clear the questions,
Thanks a lot for the help

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What is your question about the PIR sensors? As for the leds, do individual leds need to be different colors? If so, use something like this: If not, use a similar one but thats not addressable.

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