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I am designing my own serial communication for a hardware circuit that takes 16 bits of data serially. (Think Aircore Gauges)

Outputs I need: CLOCK, CHIPSELECT, DATA (this requirement negates using any of the built-in serial libraries)

CLOCK and CHIPSELECT are easy-shmeazy. DATA, not so much (Yet)

I have an Integer I need to send to this device.

Let's use an INT of 20. (or  0b0000000000010100)

I have a loop that executes 16 times, I need to Bitwise AND to build my DATA stream:

My LOOP uses an interim INT value that increments from 1 thru 16, then back to 1 when it is finished.

My question is: How can I test each individual bit in the INT I want to send to see if it's a 1 or 0 and then set my DATA line accordingly?

Desired output:

on CLK 1: DATA = 0
on CLK 2: DATA = 0
on CLK 3: DATA = 1
on CLK 4: DATA = 0
on CLK 5: DATA = 1
on CLK 6: DATA = 0

Coding Badly

if ( data & 1 )
  // set the digital pin HIGH
  // set the digital pin LOW

data = data >> 1;


What I came up with: (Basically I'm just incrementing the Loop counter by a factor of 2, ensuring I can always use it as a bitmask)

  for (long _CLK = 1; _CLK <= DATA_width; _CLK *=2)

    //Set the DATA line accordingly (Where the magic happens)
    if(_CLK & _ANGLE)
     digitalWrite(tx, HIGH); 
    // turn the pin on:
    digitalWrite(CLK, HIGH);   
    // turn the pin off:
    digitalWrite(CLK, LOW);
    digitalWrite(tx, LOW);   

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