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a propos of nothing to do with arduino's and the like, i'm hoping you guys have some inspiration for a problem I'm facing.

I'm in the middle of repairing my daughter's surface pro 3.  Whilst doing so the top piece, which is made a plastic, became quite manky.  structurally sound but scuffed etc.  So I dabbed on ... acetone ... (to take the rest of the cracked paint job off) and then forgot about it.  It's now rather less structurally sound and the paint job is still manky!

I sprayed on some primer and then a few coats of acrylic paint.  But it didn't really adhere well.  came off with a swipe of acetone; although I didn't use a sealer. 

in any event, I'd like to clean up the surface of the plastic before I try painting again.  Some of the cracks are a mm or so, both in depth and width.  I'm thinking a clear epoxy to fill the troughs and very thinly coat the top of the plastic face might be a good thing.

Am I on the right track and if so, does anyone have a suggestion for a good thin (paintable) epoxy? 

thanks in advance, and apologies again for the off-topic thread.



You should not use acetone on the case. The only option now is to replace the case, probably cheaper inthe long run.

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