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I took apart a Mr. Coffee coffeemaker and took this LED clock out of it.
I have absolutely no clue where to plug stuff into on it.
I searched all over the internet but could not find anything...part of the problem is I don't know what you would call it exactly (LED clock, LED number board, 3 digit board, etc)
I included pictures and labeled the pins myself so they may be backwards to other people, I don't know.
If anyone knows where power and ground would go it would be greatly appreciated. I can figure out the rest of the pins myself.
OR if anyone can give me a link to someone who's already posted this or at least tell me what this would be called specifically so I could poke around the internet some more.

thanks for helping,


I would call it a 3 1/2 digit LED display module.  nice job unsoldering it by the way.

chances are each of the digits has a separate ground pin and all the digits share segment pins - look at the display in the top of the image below:

You can safely poke away with 5 volts through a 1k resistor just trying different combinations til you figure it out.


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Do a google search for this
liteon 3 1/2 digit display
You are looking for datasheets like this
which shows you more clearly the kind of connections you are looking at. This one appears to have a few more decimal point/colon connections than yours.

The part either be common cathode like this, so you put ground on a pin and poke around with 5V thru a resistor to see what turns on, or it will be common anode, so you put 5V on a pin and poke around with ground thru a resistor to see what turns on.
Make notes as you go.
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