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Im trying to read an optical sensor with arduino. So far i've build a circuit to connect the ADNS-2051 chip. I have post below the schematic. I have also connect the pd pin with digital pin 4 on the arduino. Im trying to read it with this code http://www.bidouille.org/files/hack/mousecam/Mouse_cam.pde but i cant and i dont know whats wrong. In the serial monitor when arduino start sending data it wrote me this "Found productId 0, rev. FF Unknown productID. Carry on." and then it keep giving me this "DELTA:-1 0" all the time although im moving the mouse.. Due to the datasheet i think that my connection is correct. Any thoughts of whats going wrong?


how did you connect SCLK and SDIO to the arduino?


Sorry i forgot it. Ive connect SCLK to digital pin 2 and SDIO to digital pin 3.


I have same issue when reading OM02 (ADNS-2051 compatible) with above .pde. The result during setup() which is trying to read register to get device info have some different result, one result is exactly the same as yours. 

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