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OK I've answered my own question. I downloaded the plugin and after some dicking around got it to work and I like it.

So for those who may follow here's what I've done.

Obviously download the plugin as per instructions

In the editor press F6 and enter this

Code: [Select]

Into the text box. Note that I like to auto save before the compile (npp_save) and that it seems you have to do the CD so make executes in the correct folder. Also I often work on 2 projects at the same time but in different folders so this is important to me.

This seems to work well, I swap to a different source file in a different tab (and folder), hit CTRL-F6 and it picks up the local makefile. So far so good.

Now I'd like it to highlight the errors and make them clickable. I believe you do this in the "highlight" dialogue (SHFT-F6), I enter

Code: [Select]
%ABSFILE%:%LINE%: error:*

which is supposed to highlight errors and even make them clickable to go to the error line. So far I haven't got this to work.

Also the console takes up a lot of the editor window but you can just grab it and move out of the editor so it's a separate window, good if you have a large screen.


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I've been using Notepad++ for some time, it's a great editor. So far I've found it easy to ALT-TAB to a DOS window and run make from there.

Does NPPexec make this any easier/better? As usual with sourceforge stuff I can't find any documentation.


I don't know, I'm just investigating the make file and NPPexec, I' new to this whole process.

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