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Hi, any suggestions for alternative/better IDE's for Arduino ?

Thanks in advance.


There are no better IDEs for Arduino. The one provided is perfect. Just ask the Arduino team. That seems to be the standard response to every enhancement request.

On the other hand, if you described what YOU mean by a better IDE, perhaps some more useful suggestions could be proposed.


Nothing is perfect. And the current IDE is far from perfect. I just wanted to use a better editor (and program the board from that) and not that awful standard IDE, but probably there's no hope... Thanks.


but probably there's no hope...

There's plenty of hope. Some folks use Eclipse and I've been using Netbeans for a while but really I find all those big IDEs are a lot of bloatware, so just recently, in an effort to get back to basics I moved to using Notepad++ for an editor and running a makefile in a dos window.

Notepad++ is a great editor and using a makefile gives you total control over the build process.

Just like the "old" days.

Rob Gray aka the GRAYnomad www.robgray.com



can you please send me the makefile ?

I like Notepad++ very much, it's my main editor and I think that your arrangement is much better than the standard IDE (I tried, but I don't like it at all).

Thanks in advance,

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