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Hi friends,

I am using Arduino Yun board on my project and I trying to use Ciao Library. To install Ciao on Arduino IDE was easy, but for the library works I need the Ciao Core installed on ARM processor (Linux side). That is the problem: the opkg packages for ciao was not available more. I think that it occors because the retire of this board from Arduino.cc (and Arduino.org / DogHunter isn't provide support). After search on Google I found the sources (.py files) of Ciao Core on the GitHub website, but without any documentation or installation instructions. At the whole web I can't find this!

Someone here knows how I could install the Ciao Library on Linino?

Please, anyone who knows something about Ciao Library contact me. Thanks.


I've never used Ciao, so I'm sorry I can't help there. I'm just offering a clarification on your theory: as far as I know, the Ciao library is an arduino.org/DogHunter product, and was not available until the .cc/.org reconciliation when everything was brought under one roof and .cc inherited it. It always seemed like an orphan child to me.


Thanks for the answer. So I understood the CIAO Library wasn't make success and it didn't have users.

Do you belive in a solution for the separation Arduino.cc / Arduino.org and a possible return of Yun boards?

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