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Using IDE 1.8.5. Cannot get AVR uploads (e.g. to Uno) to work with Atmel ICE on Win7.

I know there was a Windows driver issue with the Atmel AVRISP MkII where Atmel Studio replaced the driver that Arduino uploads required, and it broke IDE uploads.

Is there a similar problem with Atmel ICE? The programmer works fine with Atmel Studio (6.2) but not throught the Arduino IDE.

Or maybe Atmel ICE is not supported for AVR uploads?


So what, nobody has ever tried programming an Arduino (AVR) using Atmel ICE and Arduino IDE ???

Please, help me out here...is using the IDE with Atmel ICE and AVR chips a fools errand or not?


What does the verbose upload log look like?

Why do you want to use the ICE rather than just using the bootloader?
(I do have an ice, and no, I've never used it to upload an arduino.)


Arduino IDE 1.8.5 not work good with Atmel Studio 7. You can use Visual Micro extension to Atmel Studio and you try upload.


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You can use avrdude in Atmel Studio for C/Assembler: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zEbSQaQJvHI

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