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Hi All,

I am new to arduino and am trying to do some design prototyping/proof of concept. I have little programming skills so be gentle!

I would like your opinions on whether arduino could utilise a ps/2 barcode scanner (like cue cat etc) to read a product barcode (EAN 13) and then match (correlate) the barcode to a piece of code making a stepper motor move a pre-defined number of steps in a preset direction. The arduino would need to match up to 10 barcodes to stepper activities.

for example:

-> Scan barcode
-> Returns reading of 9123456789123
-> Arduino processes this barcode input and matches to specific code making motor move 1000 steps forward
-> Read/input result displayed on LCD screen -> read, execute, complete....ready for input again
-> Once complete easydriver sets motor to sleep until next reading.

If this is possible what would be required apart from:
1. arduino board
2. Easydriver V4.3
3. ps/2 barcode reader
4. Stepper
5. Barcodes and matched stepper instructions

Thanks in advance.


Looks very well possible to me, barcode readers behave as keyboards so check PS2 keyboard - http://www.arduino.cc/playground/Main/PS2KeyboardExt2 - the example code there must be enough get you started.

Rob Tillaart

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i've used a cuecat with arduino before. worked very nice with the ps/2 library

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