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Jonathan Oxer

Last year I posted asking for advice on what people would want in their dream home workshop, and got some great responses:


Since then construction has got underway so I'll do a few progress reports and talk about specific details and decisions that may be useful to other people.

The concrete slab was poured a couple of months ago, allowing for a double garage at the front and the workshop at the back. The garage was deliberately made longer than necessary to allow plenty of room at the end for a "dirty" workspace where I'll have a heavy workbench for mechanical work and bulk storage. The workshop has been designed in such a way that ultimately it could be fitted out as accommodation (like a granny flat) if we sell the house down the track, so it has a bathroom in one corner. Should be handy for me in the meantime too: no need for trips into the house to use the main bathroom.

As of this morning the workshop area looks like this:

That view is standing in the middle of the garage looking through the workshop to the back wall. Weatherboards have just gone on this morning. The big open area to the left (where the saw is sitting) is the double-door entrance to the workshop, and behind the yellow rubbish bag is the bathroom area. The total workshop area is about 5m x 6m (15' x 18') with one corner used for the bathroom.

Roughing in of the electricals begins tomorrow morning. There will be about 60 power outlets in the room (12 at each of the four dedicated workstations, plus others) and at least 20 Gig Ethernet sockets. All the electricals are being cabled up for automation, with loads being switched directly from a central wiring closet using DIN-rail mounted relays controlled by Arduinos. Light switches etc won't have any high voltage wired to them at all: they'll just be Arduino-based PoE devices that send messages over the LAN to an automation controller.

There will also be cabling through the wall for video, audio, and power for wall-mounted status screens.

More updates to follow!



Long time no hear from you Jon, guess you've been busy with construction eh?

That looks great, almost enough to make me drop anchor and live in a house again (I do miss my workshop  =()

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Jonathan Oxer

Just been working out what sockets to provide at each workstation. This is my current plan:

So that leaves 4 power sockets and 2 Ethernet sockets under the bench, with 8 power sockets, 2 Ethernet sockets, and a ducted vacuum socket (plumbed through a low-speed fan for fume extraction) above the bench.

I'm pondering whether it's worth putting in any audio connections: perhaps a set of 4 RCA sockets wired through to a central patch panel somewhere. I don't have any uses for it right now though. Another idea is USB sockets wired to a 5V power supply (handy for charging things that plug into USB). I'm not convinced it's worth the trouble though.
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