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built-in benches around 2 walls

The reason I asked is that I had something similar years ago and I drilled 2" holes in the bench (as close to the back as possible) at regular intervals because no matter what combination you think of now there will always be a reason to run one more cable from top to bottom or vv.

Admitedly with that many sockets it's hard to imagine that would happen, but just a thought.

Or maybe it's just that your stumps are made of rubber and they rotate.

He he, they haven't done much rotating lately, we've been camped in the same spot just outside Perth for two months. We'll have to move soon though because I'm meeting up with some photographers to photograph Karijini Nat Park in May. Although I did spot a good EE job just yesterday, just up the road from where we are. I almost applied but had a lie down until the feeling passed.

That truck of yours is bigger than some houses I've seen.

We had a builder from Sydney come down to check the truck out a few years ago. He was building "studio apartments" or something, they where 27sqm in size and he wanted to see how we packed everything (including a double garage) into 25sqm.


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Admitedly with that many sockets it's hard to imagine that would happen, but just a thought.

Might want to run a video cable up or something...

Jonathan Oxer

@graynomad: Regarding the number of outlets on a circuit, I was a bit worried about that too so I had a good chat to the sparkie about it. He said the regs previously had a hard limit on the number of sockets per circuit, but that it's now been relaxed to allow a higher number at the judgement of the electrician. In this case I'm likely to have a lot of low-power devices plugged in so we came to the conclusion that it would be OK to have a higher than average number of sockets per circuit. For example, a typical workstation may have a few things plugged in at once:

* Laptop
* Soldering iron
* Cellphone charger
* VoIP phone
* Scope
* Logic analyser
* Small bench power supply
* Desk lamp
* A plugpack or two

That's 9 or 10 devices, but none of them are real poweraholics so the total current draw would be fairly modest. In any case we still split them up in reasonable numbers so there are a bunch of separate circuits cabled back to the distribution panel.


I did something similar but I was retro fitting an existing basement and only had one circuit to add sockets to. I did the work myself and reasoned the same as you, but every now and then in winter I'd forget and switch on a 2400w heater :)

Still as long as you have appropriate breakers it doesn't really matter.

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I would also add (perhaps per workstation - though the walls will be getting pretty full): compressed air and natural gas (might as well have the capability for chemical lab work, as well as light metal soldering and glass blowing).

Looks great - and I'm pretty envious (two things I wish I had - more space, and air conditioning).


Oh - one more thing: Add one or two circuits for dedicated arc welding use (maybe on the outside of the shop).
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