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Hey all,

I'd like to announce a new hobbiest-focused cloud platform for device communication over WiFi: https://ubsub.io.

UbSub is a Publish-Subscribe platform (much like Amazon SNS/SQS, if you're familiar), but focused on a much smaller use-case, making it significantly simpler to use.  It's not completely focused on IoT, so it's very easy to integrate with other platforms such as IFTTT.

Key features:

 * HTTPS-based trigger/webhook driven
 * Other trigger/hooks such as: Email, device notifications, raw UDP
 * Retryable delivery (with exponential backoff)
 * Payload manipulation via javascript VM

I've also taken the care to write a C++ implementation that communicates securely over UDP. It features:

 * Bi-directional communication (Events and listeners)
 * NAT traversal via holepunching
 * Encrypted payload (salsa20) with HMACSha256 signature for secure communication
 * Automatic (optional) JSON payload wrapping / extraction
 * Automatic renewals/re-subscribe and retrying
 * ACK support for guaranteed delivery (with timeouts)

I've tested it on a Particle Photon and NodeMCU.

You can find the general docs here: https://p.ubsub.io/docs/

The IoT C++ library is here (Compatible with ESP8266/32, and Photon): https://github.com/ubsub/ubsub-iot

I'd love to know your honest feedback.  I personally use it for my own IoT (home-control), but I'm probably biased ;)

~ Chris (zix99)

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