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Huh.  Microchip has a PIC24 (16 bit CPU, supported by gcc, not as "nasty" as their 8bit micros) with 128K of program space and 8K RAM, in a 28pin DIP package!  Makes one contemplate defection...
(Not having that DIP has been a real thorn when it comes to bigger, faster, CPUs.)



Makes one contemplate defection

Not this one.
Per Arduino ad Astra


I was a PIC guy back then. The only drawback they have is lack of GCC support (yeah I know their commercial C compiler is based on GCC). They have so many microcontroller to chose from!


I'm pretty agnostic towards micro-controller manufactures. As long as I can program in a higher level language then assembler and the chip is fast enough and has enough memory and hardware features and affordable, I can be 'converted over'.

I just think the Arduino folks were the first to build on all open source tools and IDE, multi-platformed, and threw in open source hardware to boot. I'm happy for their success and really enjoy their platform. However I don't think they are the only path to happiness, now and into the future. Let competition do it's thing and let the customers vote with their wallets, I say.  :D



I prefer to get to know a family well and having done so it's too damn hard to change over. I know if you stay at a high level it doesn't matter but most things I do require dicking with the hardware and it's just too much of a learning curve to start over with anothr chip set.

That PIC does sound nice though :)

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