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Without a heatsink it will overheat at about 2 or 3 amps at 12v (24 to 36 watts) and shut itself down.

Could you expand on this 'automatic' feature you are talking about?

It's been my experience that it is very easy to destroy power mosfets by forcing them outside their SOA (safe operating area). Manufactures go to great detail in their datasheets to explain the limits and the need to avoid them.



the datasheet  mentions nothing of current or thermal shutdown. im pretty sure if you push this mosfet too hard it will blow up, not shut down. perhaps you are thinking of a 7805 or some other nicer mosfet.




those ones are current/ thermal protected.

You're right.  I got the two confused.  The ON Technology one is the kind used in the Makerbot.
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