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The Rigol has it for me - it is simply astonishing value.
If only the fan were quieter...

Does the Rigol come with probes? If not, which probes should I get?


Mine came with probes, full accessories clips and a cable with crocs.
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Don't forget the bitscope:

USB or Ethernet. Dual/Quad oscilloscopes with logic analyzer and wave generator in one box. It's an open source design.

The Bitscope looks interesting, but I'm on a Mac and I don't think there is software that supports Mac.

Bitscope does support Windows and Linux. I remember having read about Mac support too but I'm not sure.



In the low-cost/diy camp, has anyone here tried this out:


It apparently uses a buffer circuit between the probes and the sound card of a Linux PC or laptop. I think this might be my next small project, if I can figure out why it won't build against a recent version of GTK+...

Downside: really low sample bandwidth (it's a sound card, after all).
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