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Thanks for the update. Glad to hear you got it going.

The Segger JLink Mini Edu looks like a neat little programmer. (Not for profit use only though).


Can you also use that  JLink Mini Edu within the Arduino IDO to flash a bootloader? Will it show up in the Arduino Software or is it only with AtmelStudio compatible?



Figure Figure 39-10 on page  862 of the datasheetdatasheet for samd21

indicates that SWCLK needs a 1K pullup resistor, I couldn't see it in your schematic.

Note that a pull-up resistor on the SWCLK pin is critical for reliable operations.


back to the topic, anyone succeed using STLink to burn the bootloader ??


anyone succeed using STLink to burn the bootloader ??
I did a bit of web searching, and found mostly complaints that it doesn't work.
Apparently the STLink firmware doesn't support 16-bit writes over SWD, and a SAMD chip doesn't work when certain 16bit quantities are written 8 bits at a time.  Or something like that.

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