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Topic: Conectar un solo DHT11 en mas arduinos (Connect a single DHT11 in two arduinos) (Read 294 times) previous topic - next topic


Hola a todos, soy nuevo en este foro. Mi duda es la siguiente:

┬┐Un sensor DHT11 se puede conectar en dos arduinos al mismo tiempo?, para enviar los datos del sensor a los dos arduinos

Hello to everyone, I'm new in this forum. My question is this:

Can a DHT11 sensor be connected to two Arduinos at the same time? To send the sensor data to both Arduino


No don't do that as the datapin switches between input and output. If this is not done in perfect sync you get quite large current peaks. Better let the UNO act as the DHT controller and let it sent the value e.g. over serial to the MEGA
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