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Oh ok. I didnt realize there was such a delay in data transfer. Well computer delay, us are fast to people. Much appreciated.


Hehe, that thing with goto's was pretty much a joke, for fun. :) I just though some day I'm gonna use it.

No, don't look at that. That old code was actually working but was missing a lot of packets and didn't let you talk to the CHR6DM, only read it if it was set in broadcast mode. I and a guy called Lokling has written a complete protocol .h file to interface with the CHR6DM using a Arduino Mega Serial1 which works just like the PC interface program, so you can do everything with settings and read everything and such.

This is the code I'm talking about which works really really great. It is implemented as a C++ class:

You might wanna make it a library instead. For use, read the .h file and the relevant parts of the other code on how to use it (making the object and calling the accessors/mutators).

Here's how it flies:


Thanks for the info Honk! I am actually working with a Netduino Plus as well and am reading the data in broadcast mode. I havent moved over to requesting data from the 6DM yet. One reason for moving to the Netduino is previously I was using an UNO which only has one UART line and I need two and the SoftSerial was giving me headaches. I already had a N+ so it was easy to switch over. I think I could sink a boat with the microcontrollers I have on my desk LOL. If you want to see the project Im working on or my N+ code you can go to http://caotprojects.blogspot.com/

I havent been updating as much as Id like but there is information there on what I have done to date. Im currently working with a PhD Mathematician on using the 6DM data to give me momentary vertical displacement as well. He tells me it can be done, we will see I guess.


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