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Hello there, i am selling project --> RFID stopwatch with Arduino uno and RFID reader, LCD display, buzzer, relays.
It works with 2 times and it is for extreme games like airsoft/paintball/nerf wars for mode King of The hill.
Each time collect time for time, that they are on hill. Each member of time have rfid keychain, after he put it on rfid reader (13.56MHz) it will start time of his team and another team's time will be stopped.

There are 2 types of special keychains.
1. organisator, that will pause both times
2. Eraser, that erase time to 00:00:00

Max time:
999 hours 59 mins 59 seconds.

You can use it for week event.
It use millis as time counter.

For project u need:
RFID reaer MC522
Arduino UNO
Keychains (better each color for each team)
LCD display 20x4 (16x2)

Price: 10€
Ask for project on: martinius96@gmail.com


After payment i will send you 2 sketches.
First: collect addresses from each card
Second: apply these addresses to code for each team, organisator and eraser.
You can use leds instead of relays!
Arduino and website programmer

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