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Another to post a link


My first message. So I can use an URL in the next message.


There is an easy work-around:
  • Post your first post without the link/image.  
  • Hit the edit button and insert link/image.
  • Save edited post.
  • Tadaah.




Hi from the IxDA Dublin.


This is just a hello post so that I can post an image in the troubleshooting section


Not being funny but can't you guys just find a cool project in the "Exhibition" section and say "Cool" or "Hey I like this" or something as a first post?


Hello. I'm Stefan from Romania . :)



also a "link comment" and greetings :)


Hello to all from me too. I'm not posting to get the first post done. :)

Anyway, I just got my first Arduino board couple days ago and it seems really nice. From some reason I haven't really noticed Arduino before last week, but when I was reading some article where it was mentioned and my curiosity made me to read a bit more about it, I could't do anything else than order one.

If anyone's interested you can read a bit more from my development blog http://korvenmaa.net/arduino/ that I will be updating always when I have something to tell and time available to write some text.

I have a strong professional software development background from all kinds of environments, so I guess Arduino will be giving mostly challenges on the hardware side since I really cannot say that electronics would be my strong area of expertise. Probably this means that I will be posting some stupid questions at the electronics area pretty soon. ;)

So that's about it. Let's have some fun!


Hello! Now I can post a link :)


Another post to enable link posting.

Hi everyone! :)


What the root poster said.  I need to do this too.


Funny, I was browsing around before I posted my first post, which was for troubleshooting, and was confused about the purpose of this thread. Now I know!

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