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I have used the UTFT  library on MEGAs and DUEs to drive CTE/Elecfreaks TFT screens for my various home projects ...clocks etc.

I have an Archos FamilyPad 2  android tablet  with a nice 13+ inch screen and resolution of 1280 x 800.
It has Android 4.1 and I have seen no custom roms that will allow me to upgrade to a higher version of android. It is too slow to run modern apps.

Does anyone know/used/or can point me to an Android app that will draw   colour   rectangles, circles, text  and be driven by blue tooth or usb interface.  ( ie. tablet becomes a graphics display like a TFT display)

Again, the idea is to run the graphics emulator app on the Archos and send commands from a MEGA/DUE via BT or USB.  As an example I want to make the Archos display a clock, temperature, humidty etc.

My searches have been very frustrating and there are many doing the opposite of what I am trying to do so please be very specific.


PS I would even consider driving the LCD  directly,   but my searches imply  that the LCD screen  would need a graphics controller and that would be beyond me.



I don't have a straight answer to your question, however, an alternative approach would be to serve a web page over WiFi to your tablet.



Hi TonyWilk,

Thanks for the idea,  I will keep that for future.

I note that the Archos takes 2-5 second to load and display a page.  (plus webhosting, html coding :-((( )

I had intended on porting my clock/weatherstation   ( DUE, TFT, ESP8266, DS3231, DHT.. etc) code to display on the Archos.  There is a 'second' hand on the clock which requires a 1 sec response ( ..but I could drop it).

Following a bit more searching I have refined my spec ... if I can say that......

I am looking for a sort of 'graphics air terminal' app and the Archos has a usb interface (no BT).     There is a BT graphics terminal app at the play store but seems to focus on displaying upto 3 graphs only.

Thanks again

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