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After several days of testing with Shield Protoneer 3.0 + fw GRBL 1.1f, perfectly working, I decided to test the modified fw 0.9i for Servo on Z axis and the first problems started ... the Y axis stopped working and after several checks on the cables I realized, through a small control sketch on the digital ports, that the digital pin 3 of the Arduino Uno, the one that sends steps pulses to the Y driver, no longer works. AtMega328 burned or recoverable?


It is possible a power return in case i have moved the Y plane manually? Probably the digital output 3 is burned out  :(


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What model Arduino do you have?
Has it got the DIL type controller IC?

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Probably the digital out 3 is burnt. I have already ordered a couple of spare atmega328 that I will reprogram via ISP with the bootloader...


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