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Hi All

I currently have a project that uses modbus rtu slave, working very well, however I would like to utilise Bacnet communications protocol, I have found some open source stuff, seems to be centered around Ethernet or Atmel168, but no information anywhere as to how to compile these files for use in the arduino c environment and library's.
I have built my own device using atmel 1284p programmed in arduino c, loaded using icsp programmer, all is working fine, but I just can't find any direction on converting a Bacnet stack for use in my project, I don't need IP as it basically will use RS485 (as does the modbus) vis  mstp, the modbus is currently configured via sd card for address, baud etc, I was hoping to do the same for the bacnet address, instance ID, Baud etc.




It might help if you provide links to these opensource  Bacnet implementations.


Here's the link, this is work based o Steven Karg also on github



Anybody had any luck with the implemention of Bacnet stack using Atmel (specifically 1284p)?



I did, but that seems to support wiznet and Bacnet over ip, I couldn't see how to use just the bacnet rs485, I just need the mstp implementation, once I have the basic outline even if it's for the uno I can work out how to implement it on 1284p I'm just not sure what files and includes I need to use it.

Many Thanks

Jono :)

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